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ROMAS was established in 1992 as a Private Limited Company (PT). Our original focus was on machine protection (vibration) and management systems and our organization gained a large amount of experience in the behavior of rotating machinery.

At  ROMAS  we  pride  ourselves  on  having in-house capabilities to design solutions for your business problems.  Whether  these  problems are  related to Vibration  Monitoring   Protection,  Machinery  Protection System (Turbine Machines, Electric Motors, Compressors, Fans, Pumps, etc).

We hope you find what you are looking for on our website and if we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Metrix Instrument Co., LP
Romas is a representative product of Metrix Instrument Co., LP in Indonesia.
Metrix products include machinery protection systems, proximity probes, proximity transmitters, signal conditioners, vibration transmitters,  transducers, high temperature vibration sensors, mechanical switches, electronic switches, programmable electronic switches, impact transmitters, vibration monitors, portable shakers and vibration meters.
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PdMA Corporation
Romas is a representative product of PdMA Corporation in Indonesia.
PdMA Corporation is an industry leader in the field of predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition monitoring, globally offering electric motor testing instruments. PdMA products and services are utilized by a wide variety of industries such as: manufacturing, utilities, field servicing, aerospace, petro/chemical, pulp and paper, steel/service, mining, automotive, etc
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Office Address:
Business Park Kebon Jeruk Blok F1-8

Jl. Meruya Ilir No.88, Jakarta 11620


Tel   : +62 21 58908265

Vibration Unit Conversion
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Operational Address:
Duta Instrument Alfasakti Building 3rd Floor

Jl. Abdul Muis No.72, Jakarta 10160


Tel   : +62 21 3522065